Trent Specht

Account Executive

Trent started his insurance career in June of 2021 as an account executive for the company. He is learning more about being a risk management consultant. He loves the opportunity to learn and grow in his expertise and is always up for the challenge. Before being an account executive at Iron Insurance Partners, he was a high school math teacher for 2 school districts in the Garden City area, Holcomb (2014-2018) and Garden City (2018-2021). He graduated from Ashford University with a Computer Science and Mathematics degree. During his teaching career, he also obtained his master’s degree from FHSU in technology. Trent was also a coach in multiple sports during his tenure of teaching. Trent is involved in many community projects including being on the Finney County United Way Board while also helping some of the youth become better golfers.

Trent is married to Paige Specht and has a young son whose name is Greyson. He also has a baby on the way which is due in November of 2022. Trent enjoys entertaining his son by reading books, playing with trucks, and being active outside. He also won’t say no to playing golf with his friends and family. His goal is to be able to travel routinely to explore the world.